Piermont Grand 星水嘉园

Designed by experienced property developers City Developments Limited and TID Pte. Ltd., Piermont Grand is everything you want in a luxury executive condominium and more.

Located within Punggol, this is where you will enjoy the best of waterfront living amidst a world of infinite possibilities. Possibilities that will redefine the way you work, live, and play to create the most unforgettable moments to come.

Built upon the idea of a vantage point elevated high above, Piermont Grand is designed for those looking to experience a new level of luxury while moving forward in life with your loved ones.

Address 22-46 Sumang Walk
District D19 - Hougang / Punggol / Sengkang



  • Punggol Cove Primary School (0.16km)
  • Punggol Green Primary School (0.93km)
  • Punggol View Primary School (0.94km)
  • Edgefield Secondary School (1.18km)
  • Punggol Secondary School (1.51km)
  • Edgefield Primary School (1.54km)
  • Compassvale Secondary School (1.58km)
  • Compassvale Primary School (1.76km)
  • Springdale Primary School (1.97km)
  • Rivervale Primary School (1.99km)

MRT Stations

  • PW6 Sumang (0.2km)
  • PW5 Nibong (0.28km)
  • PW7 Soo Teck (0.56km)
  • PW1 Sam Kee (0.72km)
  • PE0 Punggol (0.75km)
  • PW0 Punggol (0.75km)
  • CP4 Punggol (0.75km)
  • NE17 Punggol (0.76km)
  • PW4 Samudera (0.76km)
  • PW2 Teck Lee (0.95km)

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